Stevie Nicholson
Hi-5 perfil stevie
Member from Hi-5 Australia and Hi-5 House
Birth name: Stevie Nicholson
Date of birth: December 30th, 1983
Place of birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Segment: Making Music, Shapes In Space & Fit Bit Tips
Years active: 2007-2016, 2018
Series: 10-13 & House 1-3
Episodes: 255
First episode: Playing games
Last episode: Cooperation and communication
Replaced: Tim Harding
Replaced by: Lachie Dearing
Stevie Nicholson (born 30 December 1983, in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian Actor, Singer, Dancer, and former member of the children's entertainment group Hi-5. He was a replacement for Tim Harding when the latter was injured in a road accident. In 2007, after Harding announced he would not return, Nicholson was made a permanent member, until his departure in late 2015. He attended St Kevin's College in Melbourne. Before he became a member of Hi-5, he had worked at Brainstorm Productions on a show called Verbal Combat.

Stevie returned to Hi-5 for their Hi-5 Supers Singapore tour in December 2018.