Siobhan Clifford
Hi-5 perfil shay
Member from Hi-5 Australia
Birth name: Siobhan Clifford
Date of birth: July 3rd, 1998
Place of birth: Winmalee, New South Wales, Australia
Segment: Puzzles And Patterns
Years active: 2016-2018
Series: 17-18
Episodes: 50
First episode: Making music
Last episode: COMING SOON!
Replaced: Dayen Zheng
Replaced by: TBA
Siobhan "Shay" Clifford (born 3 July 1998) is a current member of Hi-5. She is from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. She discovered her love of musical theatre at 13 and has been performing ever since. She joined Hi-5 in December 2016, being part of the new Hi-5 Australia and in October 2018, was no longer part of Hi-5 after closing the Australian company.