Robot Tinka
Hi-5 perfil tinka
Segment: The Chatterbox
Years: 2013-present
Series: 1-3 (House), 17
Episodes: 30
First episode: Things I love at home
Last episode: -

Robot Tinka is a Hi-5 House's character present in the original franchise since November 04, 2013. She is a half-human robot that learns many things from Chatterbox . Tinka is Chats' new best friend who lives with Chats and her two Bookworm friends Aristotle and Horace in The Chatterbox Segment. Tinka doesn't speak any English so Chats teaches her a new word or phrase each segment.

Played byEdit

  • Series 1: Sarah Mackenzie
  • Series 2: Ellen Wright
  • Series 3: Ellen Wright
  • Series 17: Ellen Wright
  • Series 18: Ellen Wright