Jup Jup
Hi-5 perfil jup jup
Segment: Puzzles And Patterns & The Jupsters
Years: 1999-present
Series: All
Episodes: 895
First episode: Physical
Last episode: -
Jup Jup is a five-legged alien that lives in the wall of Puzzles And Patterns Segment set. He is purple with green legs and yellow feet. He plays tricks on whoever space it is. Sometimes Jup Jup gets angry when whoever is in the space finds a way around the problem he created.

Planet JuplandEdit

Jup Jup is from Planet Jupland, where all his family lives. In Hi-5 Series 8, Episode 6 (Multicultural), Kathleen de Leon Jones imagines that place, but later, in Hi-5 Series 9, Episode 13 (Technology), Sun Park travels there. Both segments were remade for Hi-5 Fiesta with Mile Martínes.


Jup Jup doesn't let the others see him, but on rare occasions, they can when he dresses up like different creatures. The only one who has really seen him is Chatterbox in Series 7 when she looks for a friend.

Voiced byEdit

Jup Jup in songs of the weekEdit

Going Out

Jup Jup appears as a busy bee.

Move It

Jup Jup becomes the DJ.

Our World

During the ending version, Jup Jup calls his own name and Nathan and Kathleen hear him.

Ready Or Not (Series 5)

Jup Jup speaks and Kathleen is not able to see him.

Action Hero

Jup Jup hides behind Kathleen.


Jup Jup was inside a log.

Ready Or Not (USA)

Jup Jup speaks and Kimee is not able to see him.