Hi-5 USA Series 2
Hi-5 USA intro 2006

Original airdate

October 3, 2005

Final airdate

October 13, 2006

First episode

Making In Nature

Final episode

Journeys You Can Take Your Imagination

Preceded by

Hi-5 USA Series 1

Series 2 is the second Hi-5 USA TV series, premiered on October 3, 2005 on Discovery Channel USA and on Discovery Kids Latin.




Songs of the WeekEdit


The following is a list of the television episodes featuring the American children's television group of Hi-5.

Number Episode Title Song of the week Airdate
1 Making in nature Making Music (making) October 3, 2005
JENN makes a place for Chats' fish. KARLA pretends to be a fishy fish. CURTIS listens to his new musical plants (Kimee the pop music flower, Shaun the blues music flower and Jenn the marching music flower). SHAUN watches at a venus flytrap and then he dresses up like one of them. KARLA catches balls like a venus flytrap. SHARING STORIES: Shaun tells us a story about a tadpole (Jenn) who goes visiting her grandparents (Karla and Curtis) along with her friend (Kimee), but they change along the way. Absent: KIMEE.
2 Making a work of art Making Music (making) October 4, 2005
CURTIS paints to the rhythm of the music. KARLA makes yellow, blue and green handprints. KIMEE does different hat dances. KARLA puts on different sport hats. SHAUN pretends to be a magical creature and makes a dance for him. KARLA draws a circle and turns it into different things. SHARING STORIES: Kimee tells us a story about three tubes of paint (Shaun the blue one, Jenn the red one and Curtis the yellow one), their owner (Karla) uses them to paint something wonderful. Absent: JENN.
3 Making a space for me Making Music (making) October 5, 2005
KIMEE flies in a hot air balloon. JENN changes the box color according to her feelings. KARLA sings about feelings. Professor CURTIS tests his new mood music machine. KARLA's fingers are busy. SHARING STORIES: Karla tells us a story about two sisters (Kimee and Jenn) who find a box and turn it into a fairy racer, but then their brothers (Curtis and Shaun) want it to be wizard mobile. Absent: SHAUN.
4 Making a surprise Making Music (making) October 6, 2005
KIMEE makes a surprise breakfast for her mom. KARLA rolls back and forwards on her back, then she pulls her leg into the chest. Chats hiccups and JENN advises her to say a tongue twister and then she tries to surprise her. KARLA tries to surprise Curtis. SHAUN makes a pasta surprise: spaghetti. SHARING STORIES: Curtis tells us a story about three buildings (Karla the tallest skyscraper, Shaun the widest museum and Jenn the most interesting greenhouse) that get worried when a builder (Kimee) comes with plans for a new building. Absent: CURTIS.
5 Things that animals create Making Music (making) October 7, 2005
Weaver ants SHAUN and Curtis build a nest for their ant family. KARLA makes a queen ant of playdough and lots of little ants too. JENN and Chats go on a nest quest through the African jungle. KARLA does a monkey dance. CURTIS finds a little spider (Kimee) weaving and playing her spiderweb like strings and he goes to talk to her. SHARING STORIES: Jenn tells us a story about a queen bee (Karla) who feels like something new to eat instead of honey, so the worker bees (Curtis, Kimee and Shaun) look for anything for her. Absent: KIMEE.
6 Games and sports Action Hero (action) October 10, 2005
Karla and Jenn contest on SHAUN's TV show: What's that action?. KIMEE jumps over and in some puddles. CURTIS and Shaun play a singing and moving game, the winner will get the last muffin. KARLA and the Hi-5 band do some actions and then they try to remember them together. SHARING STORIES: Jenn tells us a story about four friends (Curtis, Shaun, Karla and Kimee) that want to be in a toboggan team, and they look for the perfect place for each one on the toboggan. Absent: JENN.
7 Jobs Action Hero (action) October 11, 2005
JENN pretends to do rock climbing to rescue Chats from the top of the mountain. KIMEE plants a passion fruit vine and Jup Jup waters it with magic water, so the vine grows longer. SHAUN dresses up like a lighthouse. KARLA wants to watch the sun come out of the beach. SHARING STORIES: Shaun tells us a story about a zebra (Curtis) that escapes from the zoo, the zoo keepers (Jenn and Karla) look for him everywhere, but the zebra hides very cleverly until he gets hungry and asks a girl (Kimee) for a lunch. Absent: CURTIS.
8 Machines and other things that move Action Hero (action) October 12, 2005
KIMEE builds a house for her teddy bear. CURTIS builds a machine that makes another Curtis. KARLA realizes that Kimee is dressed up exactly the same, so they decide to be twins. Chats' clothes dryer makes a funny noise and repair person JENN thinks what can make that sound. KARLA turns her arm into a vacuum cleaner and cleans up Kimee's space. SHARING STORIES: Curtis tells us a story about three heavy lifting machines (Jenn the forklift, Shaun the dump truck and Karla the crane) that find a duck (Kimee) stuck in the mud and they try to help her. Absent: SHAUN.
9 Action heroes Action Hero (action) October 13, 2005
CURTIS helps Hyper Guy (Shaun) following him around and making super hero music for him. KIMEE wears a cape to fly and Jup Jup gives her different clothes for dressing up as a super hero. KARLA practices super hero moves. SHAUN becomes Super Active and shows his whole costume. KARLA pretends to be a super hero. SHARING STORIES: Karla tells us a story about three super heroes (Jenn "Captain Zoom", Shaun "Super Spy" and Kimee "Fairy Fabulous") seeing who of them was the most super, when suddenly an ordinary boy (Curtis) appears and proves his human powers. Absent: JENN.
10 Health and fitness Action Hero (action) October 14, 2005
SHAUN makes a brand new and healthy recipe. CURTIS starts a fitness session, so he runs a Hi-5 disco workout. KARLA dances disco. JENN jumps the rope while Chats sings a song that has a surprise in it. KARLA plays a jumping, hopping and skipping game. SHARING STORIES: Kimee tells us a story about a squirrel (Curtis) who doesn't look for nuts but he sings songs instead, though his squirrel friends (Karla, Jenn and Shaun) advice him that winter is coming and he must have enough nuts. Absent: KIMEE.
11 Sports T.E.A.M. (teams) October 17, 2005
JENN and Chats find a way to call a hog. KIMEE tries out for the tennis team, but Jup Jup takes away the ball and changes it for an ice hockey puck. KARLA plays totem tennis. SHAUN and Curtis practice silly party games. KARLA practices cheering for a team. SHARING STORIES: Shaun tells us a story about three dazzling ducks (Kimee, Karla and Jenn) that want a new dancer to join them and they put on an audition, but they get surprised when a disco cat (Curtis) arrives instead of a duck. Absent: CURTIS.
12 When am I a team player? T.E.A.M. (teams) October 18, 2005
SHAUN and the Hi-5 band practice synchronized swimming. KARLA, Kimee, Shaun and Jenn take part in a swimming medley relay. Penguin CURTIS conducts the Hi-5 penguin band. KARLA dances tap. KIMEE makes snack packs for the Hi-5 band. SHARING STORIES: Jenn tells us a story about girl (Kimee) who has a favorite toy monkey (Shaun), on her birthday she gets dancing dolls (Curtis and Karla), the monkey gets lost and the dancing dolls help to find him. Absent: JENN.
13 Animals T.E.A.M. (teams) October 19, 2005
SHAUN and his marching team practice marching in time together. KARLA pretends to be a crab. An African oxpecker bird (CURTIS) and a hippo (Shaun) become friends. KARLA pretends to be a hippo. Beaver JENN and beaver Chats collect tree trunks and then they make a dam. SHARING STORIES: Kimee tells us a story about three teddy bears (Shaun, Karla and Curtis) that pretend to be pirates and go on an adventure, their mother (Jenn) gives them a special treasure. Absent: KIMEE.
14 Cooperation and communities T.E.A.M. (teams) October 20, 2005
CURTIS makes a song for the hopping team. SHAUN tries to move a heavy block across his space. KARLA makes her body parts roll. JENN lost her voice and Chats tries to guess what she wants her to know. KARLA's feet are tired and she gives them a rub. SHARING STORIES: Curtis tells us a story about a mermaid (Karla) and a whale (Shaun) that like doing water skiing together, but one day the whale gets stuck in a sandbank, so the mermaid asks a lighthouse (Kimee) for help as she shines her light to call a tugboat (Jenn) and set the whale free. Absent: KIMEE.
15 Teams T.E.A.M. (teams) October 21, 2005
A group of aliens (the Hi-5 band) visit CURTIS believing he is a music manager from Mars. KARLA visits Curtis and dances charleston believing he is going to put on a musical show. JENN shows Chats a marionette and then she pretends to be one. KARLA remembers the time she was a baby. KIMEE decides a circus trick to perform. SHARING STORIES: Karla tells us a story about a king (Curtis) who feels lonely until a jester (Shaun) grants him the wish of being part of a group, so he meets two queens (Kimee and Jenn). Absent: SHAUN.
16 Wonderful world Some Kind Of Wonderful (wonderful) October 2, 2006
KIMEE paints a picture of the summery ocean, when suddenly the wind starts to blow. KARLA pretends to be the waves. JENN shows Chats a kaleidoscope and then she dresses up with colorful clothes around her waist. CURTIS imagines the sounds he would hear under the sea. KARLA pretends to be an octopus. SHARING STORIES: Jenn tells us a story about a girl (Karla) who gets a pair of jet powered rocket boots, so she can visit her friend from Alaska (Curtis) and her friends from the tropical jungle (Kimee and Shaun). Absent: SHAUN.
17 Wonderful people Some Kind Of Wonderful (wonderful) October 3, 2006
SHAUN becomes a tugboat. KARLA and Kimee have a tugging competition. KIMEE drives a bus and takes her animal friends to the park for a picnic but Jup Jup takes away the steering wheel. KARLA follows some tricky instructions to get to the other side of her space. JENN does voice exercises and Chats tries to follow her though she always sings out of time. SHARING STORIES: Kimee tells us a story about a boy (Curtis) who wants to be a firefighter and his uncle (Shaun) is one, he invites him to visit the fire station and meet his team (Karla and Jenn), everyday they do the fire drills but soon a real fire happens. Absent: CURTIS.
18 Wonderful places Some Kind Of Wonderful (wonderful) October 4, 2006
KIMEE looks for a wonderful place in the world to visit. KARLA feels like a sheep because she wears woolen clothes. CURTIS watches at his snow domes and imagines being at the North Pole. KARLA pretends to be a snowflake and a raindrop. Warrior SHAUN goes the Egyptian pyramids for the sunset chariot race. SHARING STORIES: Curtis tells us a story about a shovel (Karla), a bucket (Shaun) and a wheelbarrow (Kimee) that are visited by a groundhog (Jenn), they all go to the groundhog's burrow and they find out it is too small because the groundhog doesn't like digging. Absent: JENN.
19 Wonderful days Some Kind Of Wonderful (wonderful) October 5, 2006
SHAUN and the Hi-5 band get ready for the wonders of the world parade. KARLA leans like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. JENN and Chats invent the Night-Day, the day where they can pretend it's night. KIMEE visits the museum and Jup Jup hides inside her backpack. KARLA pretends to be a tyrannosaurus rex. SHARING STORIES: Karla tells us a story about a cat (Jenn), a dog (Shaun), a mouse (Kimee) and a rabbit (Curtis) living together, soon they all want to celebrate their own special day and that triggers a disagreement. Absent: CURTIS.
20 Wonderful gifts and treasures Some Kind Of Wonderful (wonderful) October 6, 2006
JENN is sad because her favorite music box is broken, so Chats finds a way to cheer her up. SHAUN finds a treasure chest with a pirate costume inside. KARLA climbs up a rigging but she stops to do some push ups. CURTIS wants to play his guitar but he must do the washing up, so he starts to make music with the dishes. KARLA makes a kitchen sink dance. SHARING STORIES: Shaun tells us a story about a girl (Karla) with three special toys, but one of them (Kimee the floppy bear) feels sad because she is falling apart, so the other toys (Jenn the ballerina and Curtis the Major Marchwell) help her to look as great as new. Absent: KIMEE.
21 Animals Underwater Discovery (journeys) October 9, 2006
Snow goose SHAUN teaches his class (the Hi-5 band) how to fly in formation. KARLA does snow goose moves. JENN pretends to be a homing pigeon and Chats gives her a message to send. Busy bee CURTIS finds fresh flowers and full of pollen and tells the others bees (the Hi-5 band) how to get there. KARLA does the Big Bee Bop. SHARING STORIES: Shaun tells us a story about a family of swallows where the mother (Karla) teaches her babies (Jenn, Curtis and Kimee) how to fly, but Kimee is afraid of. Absent: KIMEE.
22 People Underwater Discovery (journeys) October 10, 2006
KIMEE makes Mexican treats. KARLA and Jenn do a Mexican dance. CURTIS remembers the long car trips with his family and the songs they used to sing. KARLA feels tired after driving a long way, so she stops by the way to give herself a break. SHAUN rides a camel across the desert. SHARING STORIES: Kimee tells us a story about three white clouds (Curtis, Karla and Jenn) who meet a stormy cloud (Shaun) and he teaches them how to be stormy. Absent: JENN.
23 Places Underwater Discovery (journeys) October 11, 2006
KIMEE visits Paris and Jup Jup hides inside her backpack. KARLA sings in French. JENN and Chats have read a book about bunyips and they go in search of one. DJ CURTIS makes music for the Hi-5 band. KARLA plays a giant xylophone. SHARING STORIES: Jenn tells us a story about an octopus (Shaun) who collects seaweed to have a picnic lunch at the coral cave, along the way he meets his friends (Curtis the sea urchin and Karla the stingray), and once they arrive they find out that their friend (Kimee the sea horse) has made the coral cave into a disco. Absent: SHAUN.
24 Journeys through life Underwater Discovery (journeys) October 12, 2006
Chats wonders what shall she be when she grow up but JENN wants a quiet time. CURTIS doesn't know how to play a jew's harp and teacher (Shaun) makes him do a wibbly wobbly dance. KARLA is confused about the different meaning of jiggling, wobbling and bobbling. KIMEE makes a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly for Karla. KARLA pretends to be a butterfly. SHARING STORIES: Curtis tells us a story about a group of friends (Karla, Kimee and Shaun) that is going to go into the boot scootin' barn dance, a cowgirl (Jenn) joins them but she always does different moves and wears a different hat than the band. Absent: SHAUN.
25 Journeys through your imagination Underwater Discovery (journeys) October 13, 2006
SHAUN uses all the washing to make snowy mountains and he climbs up to the tallest one. KARLA pretends to be a shirt hanging on the clothes line. KIMEE uses a pair of chairs to travel anywhere she pleases. JENN and Chats imagine riding a roller coaster and a carousel. Stumble and Bumble (KARLA and Curtis) clown around. SHARING STORIES: Karla tells us a story about two children (Curtis and Kimee) that have got sore throat and they miss a school excursion, so their mom (Jenn) takes them to a trip through their imagination to Pillow land, where they meet a puffy pillow (Shaun). Absent: CURTIS.