Summer holiday
Infobox The Dancing Bus
Cast: Fely Irvine
Stevie Nicholson
Casey Burgess
Lauren Brant
Tim Maddren
Directed by: Jonathan Geraghty
Written by: Leone Carey
Cameron Clarke
Valerie Foley
Leisa Gartsky
Tamra Palmer
Lisa Hoppe
Aired: October 12, 2010
Song of the Week: The Dancing Bus
Week Theme: Let's do it
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Summer holiday is the twenty-second episode from Hi-5 Series 12.


  • CASEY and Chats imagine being in a hot place.
  • LAUREN makes two fans out of paper.
  • Jup Jup makes FELY to build a sand castle.
  • LAUREN pretends to be a mermaid.
  • TIM, Stevie, Fely and Casey become turtles that play a calypso beat.
  • FIT BIT TIPS: Stevie and Tim show the kids how to kayaking. Originally from Hi-5 Series 11, Episode 3 (City and country), Hi-5 Series 11, Episode 21 (It's winter time) & Hi-5 Series 11, Episode 27 (Celebration around the world).
  • STEVIE makes sand pictures to remember his summer holidays.
  • LAUREN plays with beach balls.
  • SHARING STORIES: Lauren tells us a story about a family (Casey, Fely, Tim and Stevie) that goes on a summer holiday to the lake, but when they arrive there they get surprised because it is frozen. The hidden treasure is a bucket and spade.