Infobox Favourite Teddy Bear
Cast: Stevie Nicholson
Tim Maddren
Fely Irvine
Lauren Brant
Casey Burgess
Directed by: Jonathan Geraghty
Written by: Cameron Clarke
Valerie Foley
Leisa Gartsky
Lisa Hoppe
Tamra Palmer
Chris Phillips
Aired: September 30, 2009
Song of the Week: Favourite Teddy Bear
Week Theme: Favourite things
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Hi-5 Season 11 - Episode 43

Hi-5 Season 11 - Episode 43

Colours is the forty-third episode from Hi-5 Series 11.


  • CASEY tries out Chats' colour machine to change the colour of their space.
  • LAUREN pretends to be a chameleon.
  • STEVIE wears the colours of Casey's team to support her but he also wears the colours of Tim's, Lauren's and Fely's team.
  • LAUREN practices netball skills.
  • TIM plays the keyboard while Stevie paints on the colours of the rainbow.
  • FIT BIT TIPS: Stevie shows Tim the kids how to do the long jump. Originally from Hi-5 Series 11, Episode 9 (Making friends).
  • FELY looks for colours in the vegetables.
  • LAUREN wears a carrot jumpsuit, a corn cob vest and a lettuce leaf coat.
  • SHARING STORIES: Fely tells us a story about an artist studio where the artists paint just one colour (Stevie paints green, Tim paints yellow and Lauren paints blue), then Casey arrives to show them her white painting and they all start to paint the others' painting with their own colour.



  • Netball is a ball sport played by two teams of seven players. Its development is derived from early versions of basketball. [1]