The great indoors
Infobox Stop, Look, Listen
Cast: Tim Maddren
Stevie Nicholson
Fely Irvine
Lauren Brant
Casey Burgess
Directed by: Jonathan Geraghty
Written by: Leone Carey
Cameron Clarke
Valerie Foley
Leisa Gartsky
Tamra Palmer
Chris Phillips
Aired: August 4, 2009
Song of the Week: Stop, Look, Listen
Week Theme: Explore
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Hi-5 Season 11 - Episode 2

Hi-5 Season 11 - Episode 2

The great indoors is the second episode from Hi-5 Series 11.


  • CASEY and Chats can't go outside because it starts to rain and they imagine a great landscape indoors.
  • LAUREN watches the raindrops falling down.
  • FELY builds a cubby house.
  • LAUREN tidies two tiger beds.
  • TIM makes a drum kit out of boxes and makes raindrop sounds.
  • FIT BIT TIPS: Tim and Stevie show the kids how to climb a wall.
  • STEVIE explores his space while he cleans it up.
  • LAUREN sweeps and collects fairy dust up.
  • SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about three children (Lauren, Fely and Stevie) that help their mother (Casey) to search for her lost ring in the house.



  • This is the first episode to feature Tim Maddren reading a sharing story.