Land and sea
Infobox Planet Earth
Cast: Charli Robinson
Nathan Foley
Kellie Crawford
Stevie Nicholson
Sun Pezzimenti
Directed by: Karin Fitzhardinge
Written by: Leone Carey
Cameron Clarke
Valerie Foley
Leisa Gartsky
Tamra Palmer
Chris Phillips
Aired: July 25, 2008
Song of the Week: Planet Earth
Week Theme: Planet Earth
Before: Exploring
This: Land and sea
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Hi-5 Season 10 Episode 15

Hi-5 Season 10 Episode 15

Land and sea is the fifteenth episode from Hi-5 Series 10.


  • NATHAN walks on the ocean floor.
  • CHARLI becomes a clown fish.
  • Chats pretends to be in an island and KELLIE guesses some questions to get stepping stones to the island.
  • CHARLI pretends to be a mermaid.
  • FIT BIT TIPS: Nathan and Stevie show the kids how to kayaking.
  • STEVIE tries to catch a wave and joins the fish chorus.
  • CHARLI pretends to be a duck on a show.
  • SUN searches and rescues lost boats at sea.
  • CHARLI forgot her sandals and hops on her towel through the beach sand.
  • SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a fish school where the students (Stevie, Sun and Charli) learn fishy things and this time the teacher (Kellie) asks them to be still as a statue just in case a squid comes.


Members descriptionEdit

Nathan: Welcome to Planet Earth. Today we'll discover land and sea.
Sun: So get ready with your swimming arms and your walking feet.
All: [...], let's go!