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June 12, 2006

Final airdate

August 11, 2006

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Dreaming and wishing




Kids Like Us Productions

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Series 8 premiered on June 12, 2006 on Nine Network. Created by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans, the original format was produced by Kids Like Us Productions.



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The following is a list of the television episodes featuring the Australian children's television group of Hi-5.

Number Episode title Song of the week Airdate
1 Health Hey, What's Cooking? (doing) June 12, 2006
TIM is in a fitness competition but his team can't attend there, so he does everything they were meant to do. CHARLI does a stretching routine to welcome the sun. KELLIE and Chats go camping and they find a track of three-toed footprints. CHARLI puts on different kind of shoes. KATHLEEN plays beach fitness games while Jup Jup is sleepy. CHARLI plays beach games. NATHAN dresses up as different vegetables. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a quiet boy (Nathan) who starts to sing loudly everything he wants to tell, his mother (Kathleen) starts to do the same and they can't stop, their neighbour (Tim) is a doctor and takes a look but he starts to sing too, and even Nathan's dog (Kellie) starts to sing along.
2 Working Hey, What's Cooking? (doing) June 13, 2006
NATHAN becomes a recycling truck and takes the rubbish away. CHARLI pretends to be a recycling bin. KELLIE helps Chats to make apricot marshmallow. TIM pretends to be a musical traffic policeman. CHARLI makes a tooting song. KATHLEEN does the vacuuming and Jup Jup makes a mess. CHARLI cleans a window. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a forgetful fairy (Kathleen) who has to light the fairy lights in the forest, her friends (Tim the pixie, Charli the butterfly and Kellie the troll) help her every evening and this time the fairy lost her magic torch and another thing she can't remember.
3 Arts and crafts Hey, What's Cooking? (doing) June 14, 2006
KELLIE makes origami animals and a japanese chōchin. CHARLI pretends to be a crane bird. NATHAN makes cylinder friends and a new game to play with them. CHARLI plays giant hoop throwing. TIM and Nathan make rainy days sounds. CHARLI, Kathleen and Kellie make rainy days sounds too. KATHLEEN makes a Hawaiian lei for Charli. CHARLI does a Hawaiian dance. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a scientist (Tim) who loves making paper airplanes, until he decides to make a big one to travel around the world and his scientist friends (Charli, Kellie and Nathan) help him to make it even better.
4 Can do Hey, What's Cooking? (doing) June 15, 2006
KATHLEEN learns a hip hop dance routine from a chart but Jup Jup takes it away. CHARLI pretends to be a hip hop hippo. NATHAN uses a piece of cardboard to slide down a slippery slope. CHARLI and Kathleen go on a roller coaster ride. Baby bird TIM joins the sun rise chorus. CHARLI turns her fingers into birds. KELLIE plays a concertina but she finds it too hard, so Chats helps her. CHARLI pretends to be a concertina. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a dragon (Kellie) that can't blow fire, her sister (Charli) advises her to visit the wise old dragon (Nathan), and along the way she meets a hen (Kathleen) that can't lay an egg, so they walk along together.
5 Playing Hey, What's Cooking? (doing) June 16, 2006
NATHAN, Tim, Kellie and Kathleen play Stuck in the mud together. CHARLI pretends to be an armadillo. KELLIE and Chats play Spin a rhyme time, a spinning wheel tells them a word they have to rhyme. CHARLI plays with spinning tops and then she pretends to be one of them. TIM joins the Mixed up band, where everyone plays an instrument in a mixed up way. CHARLI whistles around and leads a whistling band. KATHLEEN plays cricket but Jup Jup gives her other kinds of balls to play different games. CHARLI does a ball dance. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about four teddy bears (Nathan, Kathleen, Charli and Tim) that have a picnic and they look for a game to play, but they forget to pack the toys and they carry ropes instead.
6 Multicultural Special (variety) June 19, 2006
KATHLEEN wears a French beret and a Japanese kimono, then Jup Jup turns her beret into something like his head, so she imagines being at Jupland. CHARLI and Nathan dance a Greek dance. Postie KELLIE sorts some letters and Chats sends three of them to her friends from China, the Arctic Circle and Africa. TIM goes on a holiday but he doesn't know where, so he takes a look into a suitcase that Nathan and Kellie packed and he finds an Irish penny whistle and an Indian pungi, so he imagines being there. CHARLI sings to a sock snake. NATHAN builds a Mexican hacienda. CHARLI dances to keep the Mexican ants away from her picnic food. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a mother duck (Kellie), her new ducklings are about to be born, but she gets amazed when two of them (Kathleen and Charli) look normally but the last one (Tim) is brown and furry, soon they realize he isn't a duck.
7 Family groups Special (variety) June 20, 2006
NATHAN visited his friend Jack, so he shows how Jack's family moves in different ways. CHARLI sells groovy glasses. Vet KATHLEEN feeds the cows, the pigs and the rooster from the farm. CHARLI pretends to be a cow. Clown TIM and the other clowns (Charli, Kathleen and Kellie) try to sing the roly-poly upside-down song at time. Clown CHARLI clowns around. KELLIE and Chats learn the names to call different groups of animals. CHARLI practices a rhythm twirling and cooks pancakes at time. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a real estate agent (Nathan) who finds the best house for a couple (Tim and Kathleen) and their pet (Kellie the emu), but they want a house with tall doors, a big backyard and a balcony for garden gnomes.
8 Food Special (variety) June 21, 2006
KATHLEEN makes pasta bolognese for lunch, Jup Jup eats it but leaves a taco shell and a hamburger bun instead. CHARLI pretends to be a waiter. NATHAN makes a smiley face of food from the foodie fest. CHARLI makes a creature of playdough. TIM coconut gets ready for a concert at the fruit bowl along with Nathan apple, Kathleen pineapple and Kellie strawberry. CHARLI turns her fingers into different fruit and they do a performance together. KELLIE and Chats get the food ready for a picnic and the Hi-5 band asks for food in their own picnic roll. CHARLI makes a giant hot dog. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about an action hero (Tim) who tries to help a girl (Kellie) to open a honey jar for a breakfast with her friends (Nathan and Charli) but he doesn't have energy, so the three friends find out that he hasn't eaten any food.
9 Weird is good Special (variety) June 22, 2006
KATHLEEN travels to a jungle island looking for unusual trees. TIM lands on a musical planet in search of new musical sounds. CHARLI pretends to be a starry singing star. KELLIE imagines being a mixed up animal that plays outside even if it's raining. CHARLI imagines being a bug-eyed-elephant-seal-cat. NATHAN tries on different kind of wigs. CHARLI pretends to be a hairdresser. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a great-grandmother (Kellie) who gives her great-granddaughters (Kathleen and Charli) a robot (Nathan) for Christmas that can do anything they want.
10 Mixing Special (variety) June 23, 2006
Fashion designer NATHAN makes a new outfit for Tim. CHARLI dresses up with mixed clothes. KELLIE invited Chats to a book group but she is afraid because she has never met them before. CHARLI uses a sign language to communicate. TIM bakes three different cakes and he matches the ingredients with styles of music. CHARLI makes a carrot cake tower. KATHLEEN has been invited to a mixed up costume party and looks for something to wear. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a brother (Nathan) and a sister (Charli), their parents (Kathleen and Tim) allow them to decorate the playroom but they can't agree because they all want a different colour for the wall and a different wallpaper pattern.
11 Animal and the natural world Peek-A-Boo (finding) June 26, 2006
KATHLEEN looks after Kellie's chicken and makes a big pretended one. CHARLI pretends to be a chicken. NATHAN travels to the Arctic Circle and looks for a polar bear. CHARLI pretends to be a seal and a minke whale. Kangaroo TIM plays in the bush band as other animals join him. CHARLI plays all the bush instruments. KELLIE and Chats talk about horned animals. CHARLI shows us how the sun and the moon move across the sky and then she pretends to be both of them. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about an elf (Tim), a fairy (Kathleen) and a butterfly (Charli) that have a party in the bush, a echidna (Nathan) joins them but his spikes make a mess.
12 How does it work? Peek-A-Boo (finding) June 27, 2006
NATHAN reports for the Hi-5 news. CHARLI goes out on a rainy day. KELLIE makes a sand clock to know when she and Chats have to go home. CHARLI pretends to be a clock. TIM makes a big pipe instrument and plays it with flip flops. CHARLI makes music with her flip flops. KATHLEEN plays with a helicopter toy and Jup Jup makes its propellers spin with light power. CHARLI pretends to be a solar powered engine. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a cave man (Tim) who invents a bike to visit his friends and cave people (Kathleen, Nathan and Kellie) help him to find anything to make it move along.
13 Exploring and adventures Peek-A-Boo (finding) June 28, 2006
KELLIE finds a rhyming map and she follows it to complete the last rhyme. CHARLI plays a rhyming action game. KATHLEEN explores a bay looking for a socktopus. CHARLI pretends to be a socktopus with a help from Kathleen. Pirate TIM searches for a treasure and his crew (Kellie and Kathleen) helps him rowing and they find a monkey (Nathan). CHARLI plays with a pirate toy. NATHAN turns a chair into a chair-oplane. CHARLI makes a camel of chairs. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about an explorer (Kellie) who goes into the jungle looking for the giggly gorillas (Kathleen, Charli and Nathan) but they are very tricky and they hide easily.
14 Other countries Peek-A-Boo (finding) June 29, 2006
KATHLEEN climbs the Swiss Alps. CHARLI, Kathleen and Nathan do a legs slapping yodel dance. NATHAN is in Scotland and introduces us to his coo (Kellie). CHARLI practices a Scottish dance while Tim plays the bagpipes. TIM sends musical instruments from around the world to the place they belong. CHARLI plays with a Indonesian puppet and then she dances like it. KELLIE and Chats travel to Chatsylvania, where lots of things start with Ch and the cherries are used for money. CHARLI picks ping pongs from the ping pong tree and picks balloons from the balloon tree. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who travel to Ancient Egypt and meets a queen (Charli) that asks Tim for a new building that's wide at the bottom and high and pointy at the top, so Kathleen shows her an interesting shape for the new building and they build it along with a camel (Kellie).
15 Arts and crafts Peek-A-Boo (finding) June 30, 2006
NATHAN makes a paper picture. CHARLI paints a little butterfly and a big one by folding the paper in half. KELLIE makes a moggie and a helmet of paper mache and she pretends to go looking for the moggie across the desert along with Chats. CHARLI makes mysterious moggie moves. TIM makes music you can wear for the Hi-5 band. CHARLI has got dancer ankles. KATHLEEN makes a meringue mountain for a party. CHARLI sings about a little mouse inside a house. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a beetle (Charli) who is going to dance at the bush concert for Christmas, but she forgets the music she will dance and the costume she will wear, so two frogs (Nathan and Tim) and a silkworm (Kellie) help her.
16 Places Have Some Fun (enjoying) July 3, 2006
Three dogs (TIM, Kellie and Nathan) try to call another dog (Kathleen) to play with them in their backyard. CHARLI runs a puppy parlor. NATHAN plays in the park and finds different hiding places. CHARLI hides in different spots. KATHLEEN visits Rome and Jup Jup hides inside her backpack. CHARLI pretends to build a house. KELLIE and Chats have fun at the bus stop as they're waiting for the bus. CHARLI's fingers wait for the bus at the bus stop. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who plays with her toys, then she goes to sleep and dreams she is a princess that lives in a castle, a dragon (Tim) arrives and roars so loud, so an action girl (Kellie) and a robot (Nathan) try to make him stop roaring.
17 Things Have Some Fun (enjoying) July 4, 2006
KATHLEEN makes a sandy face on the sand. NATHAN goes swimming taking different floating things. CHARLI dances in flippers. TIM tells us about the people who had his guitar before he had it. CHARLI paddles a gondola in Venice. KELLIE turns her new rocking chair into a ship. CHARLI pretends to be on a rocking boat and then she pretends to ride a horse. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about four crabs (Kathleen, Kellie, Nathan and Tim) that love doing crabby things together, until Kathleen looks at a wave and she decide to start surfing.
18 "Being me" skills Have Some Fun (enjoying) July 5, 2006
KELLIE visits Chats' place. CHARLI chases a light. NATHAN builds a straight house and a curvy one, then he imagines the kind of person living there. TIM makes a song about himself and then Nathan and Charli join him to add their verses. CHARLI and Nathan do a tap dance. KATHLEEN paints her toenails. CHARLI does sparkly star-hand moves. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about two children (Charli and Nathan) that can't play outside because it's raining and her mother (Kathleen) is very busy, so she calls a moose (Kellie) to have fun with the children.
19 Times Have Some Fun (enjoying) July 6, 2006
The rooster (Nathan) has got a sore throat and TIM finds a way to make noise and wake up the animals on the farm. CHARLI pretends to be a sheep that can't wake up. KATHLEEN bought a cuckoo clock and waits for the time she can see the cuckoo bird. CHARLI pretends to be a cuckoo bird. NATHAN sets up the table for lunch. CHARLI plays with a bean bag. KELLIE and Chats invite everyone to eat pink pastry pops and tell them they have to go dressed up as anything that starts with P. CHARLI and Nathan do moves that start with P. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a father (Tim) that can't make his three kids (Charli, Nathan and Kathleen) eat and they just mess around.
20 Differences Have Some Fun (enjoying) July 7, 2006
NATHAN makes a secret cave in his space. CHARLI does whatever she pleases inside a box. KELLIE and Chats swap their breakfast to taste something new. CHARLI pretends to be a peppermint tea bag. TIM fixes a beach ball machine. CHARLI pretends to be a box stacking robot. Ranger KATHLEEN sorts birds into pairs. CHARLI pretends to be different birds. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a zebra (Kathleen) that gets the shade from a cloud (Tim) until the wind (Kellie) blows him, so the zebra gets thirsty and the waterhole gets dry, the cloud makes rain and a rainbow (Charli) appears.
21 Body Growing Up (growing) July 10, 2006
NATHAN tries on his old favourite jacket. CHARLI tries on different-sized hats. KELLIE gives Chats a new hairstyle. CHARLI pretends to be a busy bee, a bird and a termite. TIM, Kathleen, Nathan and Kellie play their own drum tummy. CHARLI makes kitchen music. KATHLEEN lifts weights. CHARLI does ball balancing exercises. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a lady (Charli) who's got a very long hair and it always gets in the way, so a musician (Tim), her dance teacher (Nathan) and her hairdresser (Kellie) are always stumbling.
22 Big and small Growing Up (growing) July 11, 2006
KATHLEEN dresses up as an elephant for a party. CHARLI does maxi-moves and mini-moves. KELLIE and Chats get presents ready for a baby. CHARLI tries to wrap up a teddy bear. Kellie, Kathleen and Nathan contest on TIM's TV show: Make that sound. CHARLI pretends to be a duck. NATHAN looks after a guinea pig and then he makes a big hutch for himself. CHARLI makes an obstacle course. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a king (Nathan) who decides everything in the palace had to be bigger, so his cook (Tim) makes a big breakfast, the jeweler (Kellie) makes a big crown and the carpenter (Nathan) makes a big throne.
23 Animals and plants Growing Up (growing) July 12, 2006
KELLIE and Chats put small animal toys under a small sunflower and big animal toys under a big sunflower. CHARLI pretends to be a tiger. NATHAN and Tim work on the farm building a pen for new animals. CHARLI pretends to be a caterpillar. Pop plants TIM and Nathan try to be the tallest one. CHARLI climbs up and down some steps as her voice changes. KATHLEEN names the new zoo babies. CHARLI dances with party stuff. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about three friends (Kathleen, Kellie and Charli) that plant a big seed and they find a big tree grown next day, so they climb it and arrive to fruit world where a rabbit (Nathan) lives and there are enormous fruits.
24 Building Growing Up (growing) July 13, 2006
KATHLEEN checks a crane and a post hole digger, making sure that they work properly. CHARLI pretends to be a multipurpose building machine. KELLIE furnishes a new room for Chats' doll house. CHARLI gets a bed ready for a lion toy. TIM joins the jungle jive. CHARLI does juggling stick. NATHAN builds a brick shed. CHARLI makes a triangle-shaped table for Nathan. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who tells his animal friends (Charli the duck, Kathleen the cat and Nathan the pig) that there is going to be someone new living there, so they all get everything ready to welcome that special someone.
25 Age Growing Up (growing) July 14, 2006
NATHAN looks for things with wheels. CHARLI goes on roller skates. KELLIE and Chats find different names for the gum trees according to their age. CHARLI pretends to be different kind of trees. Grandpa frog TIM sings to three little frogs (Nathan, Kellie and Kathleen) to make them sleep. CHARLI pretends to be a frog. KATHLEEN works at the baby healthcare clinic, where she weighs and measures the children. CHARLI minds a cushion baby. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about grandma (Kellie) that decides to go to the circus school on her birthday along with her family (Tim, Kathleen and Charli).
26 Who I will be? Pretending Day (pretending) July 17, 2006
KATHLEEN pretends to be a pirate. CHARLI tries to hide a giant gold rock. Chats guesses KELLIE's acting guided by different hats. CHARLI pretends to be baseball player. TIM, Kathleen and Nathan pretend to be firefighters. CHARLI pretends to be a candle. NATHAN pretends to be a sailor. CHARLI pretends to be a sailor too. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a man (Nathan) who does everything in a fun way, one day he wants to find a job and goes to a library where the librarian (Kellie) asks him to be quiet, then he goes to the restaurant and dances along with the chef (Tim) but they miss a customer (Kathleen), so Nathan believes there's no a job for him.
27 Performing events Pretending Day (pretending) July 18, 2006
KATHLEEN practices a dance routine on some squares with foot shapes on them. CHARLI practices a dance routine with a hat and a cane. NATHAN uses streamers as fireworks. CHARLI pretends to be a party sparkle. TIM makes music for Kellie's swan dance and for Nathan's cowboy dance too. CHARLI and Nathan dance ballet music. KELLIE makes a song for a marvellous mouse, but Chats gets confused and dresses up as a moose. CHARLI puts on a moose show. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a genie (Nathan) who grants his dog's (Kellie) wish about having a new friend, so he makes a cat (Kathleen) appear but she has another wish about a new friend to play with, so the genie makes an elephant (Tim) appear too.
28 Where I will be? Pretending Day (pretending) July 19, 2006
KELLIE and Chats are about to ride a bike but the rains starts, so they imagine a bike ride above the clouds to plug the rainy cloud. CHARLI pretends to be a raindrop. NATHAN builds a small New York City. CHARLI pretends to be different statues. TIM imagines being under the sea, where a mermaid (Kellie) and an anemone (Kathleen) play music. CHARLI pretends to be a crocodile. KATHLEEN pretends to visit the moon. CHARLI pretends to be a rocket. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about four grubs (Nathan, Kathleen, Kellie and Charli), Charli dreams of flying but it seems impossible.
29 Puppets Pretending Day (pretending) July 20, 2006
KATHLEEN makes shadow puppets. CHARLI dances with her shadow (Kellie). NATHAN gives a face to a puppet on a string. CHARLI pretends to be a puppet on a string and she changes her mood. TIM turns some socks into puppets. CHARLI turns some shoes into puppets. KELLIE and Chats dress up as a sock puppet. Sock CHARLI looks for her pair. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a puppeteer (Nathan) that always plays the same show everyday with his puppets (Tim the magician, Charli the girl and Kellie the horse), one day the magician waves his magic staff and the three puppets visit the beach.
30 Playing together Pretending Day (pretending) July 21, 2006
KELLIE wants to pretend flying in a hang glider but Chats wants to pretend going into a river in a canoe. CHARLI delivers a bunch of balloons but they seem to lift her up. NATHAN sells some shapes in his shop. CHARLI draws different things using a triangle and a semicircle. TIM and Nathan play musical statues, when the music stops, they must freeze and pretend to play any musical instrument. CHARLI pretends to play the piano. KATHLEEN makes a frog friend using blocks and Jup Jup makes a new friend too. CHARLI pretends to be a wind-up robot bird. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a triceratops (Kellie) who loves to dance but her friends (Kathleen the stegosaurus and Tim the brontosaurus) don't, one day they play hide and seek in the forest and a T-rex (Charli) scares them.
31 Friends and family Share Everything with You (sharing) July 24, 2006
KATHLEEN shares things she's not using with the Hi-5 band. CHARLI pretends to be a party popper. KELLIE and Chats dress up as princesses and they make a story together. CHARLI pretends to be a royal princess. TIM, Nathan and Kathleen become penguins and they slide and sing together. CHARLI pretends to be a penguin. NATHAN, Tim and Kellie build a wigwam. CHARLI dances like Native Americans. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a family of ladybirds (Charli, Tim, Nathan and Kellie) that looks for a new home because the leaf where they live doesn't have too much room.
32 Animals Share Everything with You (sharing) July 25, 2006
NATHAN rolls out his swag in the shade of a tree and by a billabong. CHARLI pretends to be a sugar glider. Ranger KATHLEEN works at the old elephants reserve. CHARLI plays elephant soccer. TIM and the Hi-5 band do centipede moves together. CHARLI plays with a toy snake. KELLIE and Chats look at the stars at night and watch the constellations they make. CHARLI pretends to be a rabbit. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a dog (Kellie) who finds a cardboard box in her yard and she and her doggy friends (Nathan, Charli and Kathleen) pretend it's a rocketship.
33 I've got an idea Share Everything with You (sharing) July 26, 2006
KELLIE and Chats pretend to be steam train drivers. CHARLI shows us her crazy hair. KATHLEEN uses different materials to make clouds. CHARLI finds a place to snuggle up. TIM makes a musical masterpiece called musanimal. CHARLI hears the music of music boxes and they make her want to dance. NATHAN makes different-shaped icy fruit treats. CHARLI sells fruity ice treats. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a knight (Tim) who is always muddled up, once the inhabitants of his town (Charli and Nathan) call him because they hear a giant chicken (Kathleen) and he goes to face her.
34 Games Share Everything with You (sharing) July 27, 2006
NATHAN invents a shapes game. Chats helps KELLIE to find the Snakes and ladders game. CHARLI plays a snake game. TIM and Nathan play a musical guessing game. CHARLI feels like playing some music and she pretends to play different ones. KATHLEEN uses recycled milk bottles to play a skittle kind of game. CHARLI turns her hand into a three-eyed alien and then she pretends to be it too. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a place called Noodle land where everybody (Charli, Kellie, Kathleen and Tim) loves long lovely noodles, one day they play a noodle toss game but the throwing noodle gets stuck in the tree.
35 Talking & communication Share Everything with You (sharing) July 28, 2006
Chats gives the weather report to KELLIE because she is going to fly a kite. CHARLI pretends to be an autumn leaf. NATHAN plays with newspaper. CHARLI dresses up as a newspaper magician. TIM makes a new musical alarm clock for Kellie. CHARLI pretends to be an alarm clock. KATHLEEN sends a card and some presents to Kimee. CHARLI makes a card for her grandpa. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about three royal cooks (Kellie, Nathan and Kathleen) that make a cake for prince's (Tim) birthday.
36 Travel Are We There Yet? (traveling) July 31, 2006
KATHLEEN wants to swim but Jup Jup hides her flippers, so he traces a track for her to follow. CHARLI pretends to be a tightrope walker. NATHAN plays basketball on a wheelchair. CHARLI carries some pumpkins on a wheelbarrow. TIM becomes a train conductor and he listens to the sounds of three different trains. CHARLI pretends to be a steam train and an electric one. KELLIE and Chats imagine to visit stilt land. CHARLI walks on stilts and then she walks crouching down. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about two Chinese friends (Kathleen and Tim) that go to a dragon boat race and along the way they find a crane bird (Charli) and a panda (Kellie), both of them in trouble.
37 Near and far Are We There Yet? (traveling) August 1, 2006
NATHAN climbs the Great Wall of China. CHARLI makes his pet dragon dance. KATHLEEN makes a mask for the Italian carnival parade. CHARLI pretends to be a rainbow flying unicorn. TIM and the Hi-5 band make music while they wait for the bus at the bus stop. CHARLI pretends to drive a car. KELLIE shows Chats a scooter and a pogo stick to travel around. CHARLI does an Egyptian dance along with Tim and Nathan. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a rocket (Nathan) that receives a message on his telecommunicator about someone lost in a strange far away land, so he blasts off to outer space to Planet Treetop where an inhabitant (Kellie) asks him to take her to outer space, so they go to Planet Cleantopia where an inhabitant (Tim) is always cleaning everything, but they find a lost astronaut there (Charli).
38 Imaginative Are We There Yet? (traveling) August 2, 2006
KATHLEEN rides a bubble to Bubble land. CHARLI blows bubbles. NATHAN pretends to be an airplane writing a message in the sky. CHARLI pretends to be a firefighting helicopter. TIM feels full and heavy after having a picnic but he sees a dragonfly (Kathleen) and two ants (Nathan and Kellie) passing by. CHARLI tries to keep a fly away. KELLIE and Chats are fishing when suddenly a big fish takes them underwater. CHARLI pretends to be different fish. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who wishes to be taller because her sister (Kellie) is much bigger and their parents (Charli and Nathan) allow her to do several things, so Kathleen dreams she is as tall as a tree.
39 New and old modes of transport Are We There Yet? (traveling) August 3, 2006
TIM travels to the past and the future to know the music through the time. CHARLI and Nathan do a bug dance. KELLIE shows Chats a penny-farthing and they build a new one. NATHAN makes a raft of straws for a cork toy and then he imagines sailing down the river on a raft. CHARLI pretends to be a cork swimming in the water. KATHLEEN becomes a grocer and makes a delivery. CHARLI cleans up a mess. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a train (Tim) that delivers the mail everyday in the Indian mountains, once he, a bus (Kellie) and a car (Nathan) want to do something new, suddenly the station manager (Kathleen) calls them to send a package to the bottom of the mountain but it starts to snow.
40 Holidays Are We There Yet? (traveling) August 4, 2006
KATHLEEN goes camping and Jup Jup makes annoying animal noises. CHARLI camps outside inside a sleeping bag but she is cold. Chats imagines being a hermit crab and KELLIE helps her to find a shell. CHARLI puts on a undersea fish parade. Musical vet TIM helps sick animals that have trouble making their sounds. CHARLI has a funny cold and she makes animal sounds. NATHAN drives with his caravan and the Hi-5 band is inside it. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about four bugs (Kathleen the beetle, Charli the ant, Tim the snail and Nathan the spider) that decide to set off and see the world, so they travel together facing the obstacles along the way.
41 What if? Wish Upon a Star (wondering) August 7, 2006
KELLIE dresses up in a silly way for a rainy day. NATHAN looks for round things and he imagines a round world. CHARLI rolls and jump like a bug. Wonder TIM helps people in musical trouble. CHARLI does super hero warm up. KATHLEEN dresses up like different winged creatures. CHARLI pretends to be a grasshopper. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a mermaid (Charli) and a dolphin (Kellie) that watch at two children (Kathleen and Nathan) playing soccer, so they wish for a pair of legs and the mermaid makes a wish on her magic pearls and their tails become legs and feet.
42 Wonderful nature Wish Upon a Star (wondering) August 8, 2006
NATHAN, Tim and Kellie play a shapes guessing game, they must make a shape from nature and the others must guess what they are. CHARLI pretends to be a lotus flower. KATHLEEN makes a swirling pattern in the garden. CHARLI and Tim become garden gnomes. TIM talks to a talking tree (Kathleen). CHARLI pretends to be a tickling tree and plays a trick on Kathleen. KELLIE makes a little volcano of rocks for Chats' volcanic rock. CHARLI pretends to be a volcano. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a place called Banania, where its inhabitants (Charli, Kathleen and Tim) are crazy about bananas, one day a rocket arrives and an inhabitant from Applelonia (Nathan) shows them an apple and he learns about bananas.
43 Wonderful creatures Wish Upon a Star (wondering) August 9, 2006
Beavers TIM, Nathan and Kellie build a beaver lodge together. CHARLI pretends to be a gorilla. KELLIE and Chats imagine the starfish living up in the sky. CHARLI pretends to be a sea creature. KATHLEEN runs an animal shoe shop. CHARLI ties clown shoelaces. NATHAN turns his space into a underwater sea world. CHARLI pretends to be a bison. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about three children (Charli, Tim and Nathan) that attend to a magic school, the teacher (Kathleen) puts on a magic show and the children try their first magic tricks.
44 Mysteries Wish Upon a Star (wondering) August 10, 2006
KELLIE becomes a detective and she solves the mystery of the disappearing things. CHARLI makes two imaginary cups of tea. Things disappear around NATHAN's space and he looks for a creature that takes them away. CHARLI finds handprints around her space and she wonders who did them. TIM and the Hi-5 band come back from a bush walk and they make a song about the sounds they heard. CHARLI shows us a baby wombat. KATHLEEN makes jelly. CHARLI, Kellie and Nathan do the jelly wobble. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a family (Kathleen, Charli, Kellie and Tim) that likes to make surprises, one day they decide to go to the beach but it starts to rain, so Tim makes beachy surprises for his family.
45 Dreaming and wishing Wish Upon a Star (wondering) August 11, 2006
KATHLEEN puts a wishing well in the garden and she wishes to meet her hideaway friend (Jup Jup). Chats pretends to be Katie Cool Pants and KELLIE gives her healthy food. CHARLI practices karate. TIM finds a musical magical lamp and he wishes for some things but it gives him musical instruments. CHARLI tries the musical magical lamp and she wishes to be a ballerina. NATHAN makes a giant dreamcatcher. CHARLI pretends to be a dreamcatcher. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a crocodile (Nathan) that lost a tooth and he doesn't want to show his smile, his parents (Charli and Tim) remember him about the tooth fairy (Kellie) that visits him that night.



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