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April 7, 2003

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June 6, 2003

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Family Celebrations

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Series 5 premiered on April 7, 2003 on Nine Network. Created by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans, the original format was produced by Kids Like Us Productions and Nine Films and Television for the Nine Network.



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The following is a list of the television episodes featuring the Australian children's television group of Hi-5.

Number Episode Title Song of the week Airdate
1 Family celebrations Come On and Party (festivals) April 7, 2003
Chats tells KELLIE about her family's spring festival. CHARLI jumps in a sack. KATHLEEN matches the Hi-5 band faces with the things they like. CHARLI sings Hi-5 family song. Nathan asks TIM to make a surprise party song but he doesn't tell him who is it for. CHARLI shows different faces. NATHAN makes Japanese kites. CHARLI pretends to be a fish. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a family (Kellie, Tim and Kathleen) that can never decide anything, until a new baby (Nathan) is born and they must name him.
2 Around the world Come On and Party (festivals) April 8, 2003
NATHAN and Tim dress up and dance to celebrate the first day of spring in England. CHARLI, Kathleen and Kellie do a maypole dance to welcome spring. KATHLEEN makes a flower garland for an Indian cow. CHARLI says Hawaiian words. TIM plays a drum for the lucky dragon festival, and he helps Kathleen and Kellie to overcome their fear to drums and cymbals. CHARLI pretends to be part of the carnival. KELLIE and Chats build a Thai rocket. CHARLI pretends to be a raindrop. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who loves dancing samba, and she is about to go to a party along with her friends (Nathan and Kellie), and they get worried because Charli doesn't make her own costume.
3 Community events Come On and Party (festivals) April 9, 2003
KATHLEEN makes Chinese dumplings and a gong announces when they're ready. CHARLI tries to eat with chopsticks. NATHAN, Kellie and Kathleen celebrate the sun. CHARLI sings about the sun. TIM finds some crabs at the crab festival, where the winner gets a new shell. CHARLI, Tim and Nathan pretend to be seagulls waiting for a potato chip. KELLIE helps Chats to overcome her fear to singing in front of lots of people. CHARLI does a tap dance in a tap concert. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a girl (Kellie) who loves to make people laugh, and she goes together with her friend (Charli) to a clown show, but one of the clowns (Kathleen) gets a cold and the other clown (Nathan) needs another one to keep the show on.
4 Christmas Come On and Party (festivals) April 10, 2003
NATHAN wraps up the Christmas presents. CHARLI decorates the Christmas tree. KATHLEEN makes a summer snowman of sand instead of snow. CHARLI shows us her summery presents. KELLIE makes Christmas truffles for Chats. CHARLI sets the table for Christmas dinner. TIM writes a Christmas song and he needs help to complete it. CHARLI writes a letter to Santa Claus. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a Christmas tree (Nathan) who lives by the beach, in Christmas time he feels alone, until a family (Charli, Kathleen and Tim) have a picnic by his side and a breeze takes him to the sea.
5 Funny festivals Come On and Party (festivals) April 11, 2003
KELLIE and Chats get ready for the bug festival. CHARLI has got crazy hair for the crazy dance competition. KATHLEEN sells animals costumes for animals. CHARLI's fingers dress up for a show. TIM and Nathan get a cow costume for a dancing cow festival. CHARLI pretends to be a cow that wants to dance and groove. NATHAN, Tim and Kellie have a go on the festival of the feet. CHARLI gets her feet for a workout. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who gets tired but he can't sleep because the girls next door (Kathleen, Charli and Kellie) have a clanging and banging festival.
6 Memories Give Five (family) April 14, 2003
KATHLEEN shows all the things she used to use when she was a baby. CHARLI pretends to be a baby that grows up. NATHAN looks at pictures of his family and he tries to look like them at time. CHARLI wears a dress that women used to wear a long time ago. TIM tells us about his grandpa's musical group (Hi-3) and his father's musical group (Hi-4) too. CHARLI and Nathan dance rock 'n' roll together like grandma and grandpa used to. KELLIE's grandpa is going to visit her but she can't remember his face. CHARLI sings about her grandpa's garden. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about two children (Kathleen and Nathan) that build a billy car with a little help from their dog (Tim), and their mother (Charli) gives them a plane toy that makes the car fly up high.
7 Love Give Five (family) April 15, 2003
KATHLEEN has got a twin on a doll and they become triplets with a tall picture. CHARLI has got triplets (Kathleen and Kellie) and they copy her. NATHAN builds a Hi-5 family tower. CHARLI shows her family's hats and what are they going to do while wearing those hats. TIM and Nathan find instruments' brothers and sisters. CHARLI counts her fingers. KELLIE and Chats pretend to be secret sisters and they keep secrets. CHARLI makes a secret code to talk to us. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a boy (Tim) that dresses up like Captain Wonder, his friend (Nathan), as Captain Wonder too, calls him to save the world from a green-eyed monster (Kellie), which is Nathan's mother having a beauty treatment.
8 Pets Give Five (family) April 16, 2003
KELLIE and Chats talk about the caterpillar metamorphosis. CHARLI pretends to be a frog egg, turning into a tadpole and then into a frog. KATHLEEN makes a picture of a little pig. CHARLI makes a place for Kathleen's pig. TIM plays his guitar but his cat (Kellie) doesn't let him playing at all. CHARLI pretends to be a cat making meowsic. NATHAN tries to decide his ideal pet. CHARLI pretends to be a clever puppy doing some tricks. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who gets disappointed when her dog (Kellie) doesn't seem to understand her, so Charli dreams about a land where she is the pet and her owners are a family of dogs (Tim, Kellie and Kathleen).
9 Washing day Give Five (family) April 17, 2003
KELLIE and Chats look for what they're going to keep and what they're going to throw out. CHARLI remembers what she used to do with her old hula hoop. KATHLEEN makes a gingerbread family, but Jup Jup wants her to make an elephant gingerbread family. CHARLI pretends to be a gingerbread man and says what she can do and what she can't. TIM, Kathleen and Kellie are going to tidy up their own spaces but they swap their jobs. CHARLI throws balls of scrap paper into the bin. NATHAN and Tim fold the clothes. CHARLI sorts and matches the socks. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a kitchen where a dish washing brush (Kellie), a sponge (Nathan) and a washing up liquid (Kathleen) try to be the best, until a dirty fry pan (Charli) asks them to be washed.
10 Working together Give Five (family) April 18, 2003
NATHAN, Kellie, Tim and Kathleen make a domino chain reaction. CHARLI and the Hi-5 band pretend to be dominos. KELLIE and Chats make a birthday rhyming song for Kellie's cousin. CHARLI shows a card for anyone sick. TIM makes a new instrument of junk. CHARLI does new moves with her body. KATHLEEN runs her animal daycare and Jup Jup swaps the numbers of babies' cots. CHARLI feeds baby Tim and baby Nathan. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a mouse (Kathleen) who makes a cheese treat for her grandma (Kellie) while she's sleeping but her brothers (Tim and Nathan) eat the most of cheese she was going to use.
11 Machines Build It Up (building) April 21, 2003
Gadget Guy (NATHAN) shows us his gadgets and rescues a kitten from the top of a tree. CHARLI pretends to be in Bounceland. KELLIE and Chats type some words on a Picture Magic Machine, and then it prints pictures about those words. CHARLI prints her handprints and footprints too. Scientist TIM invents a miraculous mechanical musician, and he can play it in an andante (slow), moderato (normal) and allegro (fast) way. CHARLI dances in a andante, moderato and allegro way. KATHLEEN wants to make a racing car but Jup Jup makes it impossible. CHARLI moves her arms and hands to pretend windscreen wipers, headlights and indicators. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a toy factory where three robots (Tim, Kathleen and Nathan) work, suddenly they want to visit the beach and they go selling ice cream there, Kellie is their first customer.
12 Dwellings Build It Up (building) April 22, 2003
KELLIE builds a disco room for Chats. CHARLI draws a house. NATHAN builds a dog house for Kellie's new dog. CHARLI measures her space, but using his feet instead of a measuring tape, then she measures her arm using her hand, and finally she measures her nose using her pinky. TIM, Kathleen, Nathan and Kellie build a music house together. CHARLI sings Give It A Go. KATHLEEN builds a sand castle for a dragon family. CHARLI builds a bucket castle. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a buzzer family (Kathleen, Charli, Kellie and Nathan), everybody loves bouncing, but Kathleen loves reading and she shows them how fun can be reading.
13 Tools Build It Up (building) April 23, 2003
KATHLEEN sorts her building tools but Jup Jup swaps them for cooking tools. CHARLI packs her tools on her outfit. NATHAN works on the road fixing a broken pipe. CHARLI rides her scooter around her space. TIM gets a new drum kit but without drumsticks, so he finds out he doesn't need any tool to make music. CHARLI finds music in her bones. KELLIE tests a spade to fill a bucket with sand. CHARLI digs a hole in the ground to build a tall building. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a man (Nathan) who loves his tools and he tidies them up everyday, but next morning everything is always messy around, until he finds some gnomes (Kellie, Charli and Tim) building a house.
14 Long ago Build It Up (building) April 24, 2003
NATHAN pretends to be a viking building a pen. CHARLI pretends to climb a spiral staircase. KELLIE and Chats pretend to be from Ancient Rome and they make a sun clock. CHARLI makes a fan. TIM rings different kind of bells. CHARLI moves to different bells beat. KATHLEEN does an Ancient Egypt dance and Jup Jup changes the words of the song. CHARLI does Ancient Egypt moves. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who likes dressing up as a knight, he waits for his friends (Kellie and Kathleen) along with his mother (Charli) because there will be a knight sleepover.
15 Gardens Build It Up (building) April 25, 2003
KATHLEEN makes a rocks and plants pattern. CHARLI pretends to be a flower. NATHAN does some gardening, he cuts off the trees making shapes. CHARLI pretends different kind of trees. TIM makes a bird scarer to keep the eating seed birds (Kathleen and Kellie) away. CHARLI and the Hi-5 band pretend to be birds. KELLIE makes a hothouse for Chats. CHARLI moves in a different way according to the weather. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about three monkeys (Charli, Tim and Nathan) who have fun before the water of the river rises up and then they will get home, but they don't pay attention to time and their mother (Kathleen) arrives because time is over.
16 Different kinds of water Our World (world) April 28, 2003
KATHLEEN watches how the water fits in different containers. CHARLI hears the sound of water as she pours it from a jug to a glass. NATHAN learns about ice and he dresses up as an iceberg. CHARLI pretends to be a snowman and then she melts down. TIM makes a surprise song of water flutes for his friends. CHARLI does exercise standing high, middle and low. KELLIE and Chats make signs for Chats' pool rules. CHARLI pretends to be a ducking down duck. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about three penguins (Kellie, Nathan and Tim) that meet a scientist (Kathleen) who looks for the extra special all-white penguin, and they roll in snow to become all-white.
17 Different kinds of land Our World (world) April 29, 2003
NATHAN pretends to be in a Mexican desert. CHARLI does the Mexican hat dance. KATHLEEN makes sand patterns. CHARLI makes patterns in the air. TIM finds a way to make music stomping on different kinds of ground. CHARLI's feet can't stop moving. KELLIE has explored the Sahara desert and teaches Chats some Arabic words. CHARLI pretends to be a camel. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a farmer (Tim) who loves his life, the rooster (Kellie) wakes him up everyday and he always milks the cow (Charli), but one day he plucks a mushroom where an elf (Kathleen) lives, so she gets angry and turns the day into night whenever she wants.
18 Food Our World (world) April 30, 2003
Kellie the monkey takes away NATHAN's banana and he tries to open a coconut. CHARLI tries to open a container. KELLIE and Chats go shopping but they forget the list of food. CHARLI explains us how to make fairy bread. Kathleen is going to make a dinner from a place of the world and TIM is going to play music from that place. CHARLI and the Hi-5 band pretend to be spaghetti. KATHLEEN makes Italian pizza. CHARLI pretends to be pizza dough. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who loves spaghetti and he doesn't eat anything else, his parents (Charli and Nathan) and his dog (Kathleen) try to make him eat something different.
19 Earth treasures Our World (world) May 1, 2003
KATHLEEN digs and searches for dinosaurs bones. CHARLI crosses a tunnel that gets lower. NATHAN shows different kind of rocks he found around the world. CHARLI rocks her teddy bear and then she rocks 'n' rolls. Chats looks for underground treasures and KELLIE makes a necklace of them. CHARLI prunes a rose bush. TIM does prospecting to find gold. CHARLI pretends to be a pirate. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who visits the museum along with her sister (Kathleen), Charli doesn't like dinosaurs but Kathleen does, until the dinosaurs of the museum (Kellie and Nathan) come alive.
20 People and animals Our World (world) May 2, 2003
NATHAN shears the sheep. CHARLI pretends to round up the sheep. Chats shows KELLIE half of animal postcards and they mix them to make funny animals. CHARLI pretends to be a rhinoce-frog and a snake-dile. TIM camps in a South American rainforest and listens to birds sounds. CHARLI pretends to be a magpie. KATHLEEN looks for the perfect place for her toys to live. CHARLI is cold and she finds how to get warm. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a man (Tim) and his pets (Kathleen the cat, Nathan the dog and Charli the bird), they are always muddled until Tim's sister is going to visit him and they try to stop muddling.
21 I love to be L.O.V.E. (happy) May 5, 2003
NATHAN pretends to be Neptune, the underwater king. CHARLI packs her beach stuff. KATHLEEN sorts her clothes. CHARLI pretends to be a plane writing a message in the sky. TIM imagines being a conductor of an orchestra, while Nathan wants to be a rock 'n' roll star, Kellie a country and western yodeling queen, and Kathleen an opera singer. CHARLI pretends to be a choreographer and Tim follows her. KELLIE acts in a play and Chats helps her. CHARLI pretends to be a spinning spaceship. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who wants to be the boss of his house like his mother (Kathleen), so he dreams he is her mother and he has to look after his brother and sister (Nathan and Charli).
22 Favourite things L.O.V.E. (happy) May 6, 2003
KATHLEEN's feet have a bath, but Jup Jup takes away the soap he blows the bubbles. CHARLI's hands have a bath. KELLIE helps Chats to fill her K collection. CHARLI uses the sign language to say words that start with K. TIM shows us his favourite guitars and gives Kathleen some guitar lessons. CHARLI pretends to play the piano and Tim helps her. NATHAN mixes his two favourite things: dancing and shapes. CHARLI makes different things with her body. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a family called the Hairykins (Nathan, Kellie, Kathleen and Tim), but Tim has short hair and he tries everything to make it longer.
23 Favourite animals L.O.V.E. (happy) May 7, 2003
TIM gives singing lessons to a lion. CHARLI pretends to be different animals and we have to guess them. KELLIE and Chats pretends to be ants and they make an ant language. CHARLI makes animal music. NATHAN makes a house for a mouse. CHARLI pretends to be a mouse on a mouse playground. KATHLEEN dresses up like black and white animals. CHARLI pretends to be a groovy zebra. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a rabbit (Kathleen) who visits the dentist (Charli) for the very first time, and another rabbit (Kellie) helps her to feel brave as a tiger, then they meet a nervous tiger (Tim) visiting the dentist for the first time too.
24 I love to make L.O.V.E. (happy) May 8, 2003
NATHAN hangs socks on a clothes rack but he finds out it looks like a robot. CHARLI flaps the socks to dry them off. KATHLEEN makes a butterfly cake for Charli. CHARLI makes different animals using her hands. Chats sings a song while KELLIE acts like a tape recorder and tries to remember the whole song. CHARLI makes a dance and then she tries to remember everything she did. TIM makes a musical kite. CHARLI turns her hand into a kite. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who makes a remote control that speeds up the time, so when her father (Nathan) asks her to tidy up her bedroom, she can do it very fast, but when her friends (Kellie and Tim) are coming for her birthday, the remote control gets out of control and the party goes so fast.
25 I love to go L.O.V.E. (happy) May 9, 2003
KATHLEEN goes on a surfing safari but Jup Jup takes away the waves. CHARLI goes surfing. KELLIE and Chats imagine a Snowy Beach Island where they go on holiday. CHARLI wants to go bush on her next holiday. TIM remembers an old dusty room full of old stuff. CHARLI and Tim practice the waltzing. NATHAN goes camping to the Grand Canyon and tries to make a donkey come along. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a hungry tortoise (Kellie) who gets excited when a possum (Nathan) tells her about a new veggie patch, she walks slowly, so kangaroo (Charli) and a rabbit (Kathleen) help her to find how to get faster.
26 Magical animals Dream On (magic) May 12, 2003
NATHAN, Tim and Kellie dress up like a magical flying dragon. CHARLI does morning dragon stretches. KELLIE and Chats try to trap the magical pickle pincher who ate Chats' pickles. CHARLI tries to pick a Kellie's pickle. TIM sings a magical song while he plays the panpipes and a phoenix and a dragon appear. CHARLI weaves a spider web. KATHLEEN goes looking for a stripy spotty fish. CHARLI searches for a mermaid. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a pig (Kellie) who wishes to fly, her piggy friends (Kathleen and Nathan) try to give her flying lessons but it doesn't work, so a cat (Charli) with magical powers advises her to make a wish on the moon.
27 Magic in nature Dream On (magic) May 13, 2003
KATHLEEN makes a magic hat to pull out a rabbit from inside. CHARLI finds a rabbit inside a hat. NATHAN tries some magic colour mixing. CHARLI imagines living in a colourful rainbow. KELLIE and Chats stare at an eclipse and they make a wish on it. CHARLI pretends to be a shooting star. TIM makes a thunderstorm symphony. CHARLI sings about a storm. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about rainbow (Charli) who is going to appear in the sky but her colours are faded, so she goes in search for pixies (Tim, Kellie and Kathleen) that paint the sunset, the sea and the trees.
28 Magic in me Dream On (magic) May 14, 2003
NATHAN does a disappearing trick. CHARLI makes animal shadows using her hands. Chats collects things to make a wish and KELLIE helps her to decide what kind of wish should she make. CHARLI wishes to be the best swimmer. TIM imagines being a racing car driver and a painter. CHARLI puts on two different hats and we have to guess which job is she pretending. KATHLEEN sings about a storm using some pictures, but Jup Jup changes the pictures to make a silly storm. CHARLI tells us about a silly storm where it was raining elephants. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Kellie) who takes her pet dragon (Tim) for the first time to school and he is scared of it, but there is another girl (Charli) who takes her pet dragon (Nathan) there too.
29 Magical dress up party Dream On (magic) May 15, 2003
Everyone gets ready for the magical dress up party. TIM dresses up as a leprechaun and another one (Nathan) challenges him to find the pot of gold. CHARLI does an Irish dancing. KELLIE and Chats dress up as camouflaging animals: an octopus and a chameleon. CHARLI hides in different spots. NATHAN dresses up as a genie and goes into a genie bottle. CHARLI dresses up as a genie too. Jup Jup helps KATHLEEN to dress up as a magical creature. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a magical dress up party where six friends (Tim, Nathan, Kathleen, Kellie, Chats and herself) have fun until they decide to find magic around and Nathan finds a magic spot where they become invisible.
30 Silly Dream On (magic) May 16, 2003
KELLIE eats Chats' monkey magic merengue and she pretends to turn into a monkey. CHARLI turns the egg white into a soft fluffy cloud. KATHLEEN makes fairy bread for her fairy friend. CHARLI tries to be a triangle and a square, so she imagines there were more Charlis. TIM finds an old music box that makes him speak rhymes. CHARLI pretends to be a wind-up doll. NATHAN makes a magic snack for Kathleen. CHARLI, Tim and Nathan pretend to be popcorn. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who gets a bike bell from her grandparents (Tim and Charli) in Scotland, her father (Nathan) tells her Scotland is a long way away, but the bike bell takes her there.
31 Jobs Ready or Not (work and play) May 19, 2003
Deep sea diver KELLIE searches for a treasure and Chats asks a jellyfish where can they find it. CHARLI wobbles like a jellyfish. Chef NATHAN makes a mountain dessert for Kathleen. CHARLI washes the pots. Postie KATHLEEN sorts some stamps and posts things to Nathan. CHARLI turns a broom into a microphone. DJ TIM makes music for the Hi-5 band. CHARLI grooves to disco music. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about Charli's wish shop, where the customers (Kellie, Tim and Kathleen) make wishes and she grants them.
32 Animals Ready or Not (work and play) May 20, 2003
KATHLEEN runs her animal beauty salon. CHARLI dog-sits three puppies. NATHAN rounds up the sheep. CHARLI pretends to be a brumby. One of TIM's singing canaries lost her voice, and he gets a new goose. KELLIE pretends to be a dolphin trainer and Chats pretends to be a dolphin. CHARLI pretends to be a dolphin. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a new zoo keeper (Tim) who looks after two elephants (Kathleen and Nathan), but he doesn't know anything about elephant life, while Charli is a visitor of the zoo.
33 Street parade Ready or Not (work and play) May 21, 2003
NATHAN turns boxes into cat heads. CHARLI leads a street parade. KATHLEEN practices the juggling for the street parade. CHARLI moves like a wheel. KELLIE tell a story just miming and Chats guesses her actions. CHARLI pretends to be a statue that moves when someone claps. TIM makes musical instruments of old stuff and the street parade begins. CHARLI stomps with her stomping boots. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about three dazzling ducks (Kathleen, Charli and Kellie) that want a new dancer to join them and they put on an audition, but they get surprised when a disco cat (Nathan) arrives instead of a duck.
34 Outer space Ready or Not (work and play) May 22, 2003
KELLIE and Chats work fixing a rocket while they float. CHARLI sings about shining stars. NATHAN looks for footprints on the moon. CHARLI pretends to play tennis and football on the moon and on the Earth. KATHLEEN packs food for her space journey. CHARLI blasts off to outer space to visit the planets. Two aliens (Kellie and Nathan) land on Earth and TIM communicates with them by outer space music. CHARLI grooves like an alien. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about the cosmic cleaner (Tim), who needs to clean the moon (Kellie) before the night begins, but she can't stay still and two stars (Kathleen and Nathan) entertain the moon while she's getting clean.
35 Getting ready Ready or Not (work and play) May 23, 2003
NATHAN, Tim, Kathleen and Kellie travel by different vehicles to arrive to the job. CHARLI moves along in different ways without walking. KATHLEEN practices to get ready before the timer gets to ten. CHARLI pretends to be a firefighter getting ready to action. TIM sets his making music shop. CHARLI pretends to be at the gym. Chats starts her sandwich shop and KELLIE tells her the orders on the tin can telephone. CHARLI has breaktime and she stretches. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who goes working with her dad (Tim) for the first time, and she meets a sleepy wombat (Nathan) and a noisy cockatoo (Kellie), so the wombat runs away to find any quiet place and gets lost.
36 Sports Holiday (holidays) May 26, 2003
NATHAN tries to be an iron man, he swims, runs and paddles. CHARLI pretends to paddle and row. KELLIE and Chats make a cheer for the Teddy Bear team. CHARLI cheers for Teddy Bears. TIM, Kellie, Kathleen and Nathan get ready for the gum boot throwing competition. CHARLI has her own sock throwing competition. KATHLEEN goes down a mountain by a toboggan, snowboard and skis. CHARLI does figure skating. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a funky hippo (Nathan) who helps Charli the monkey and Kellie the lizard to overcome the fear to sports day by dancing the hippo warm up song, but then he gets scared when Tim the lion calls him for the hippo hop and he isn't ready.
37 A time for me Holiday (holidays) May 27, 2003
NATHAN has been invited on a surprise holiday and he packs everything he needs. CHARLI gets ready for bedtime. TIM built a cubby house to practice playing bagpipes. CHARLI plays a Scottish drum while she dances. KELLIE tries to have a quiet time by imagining flying through the clouds. CHARLI had some friends over and she needs a little rest. KATHLEEN does yoga exercises. CHARLI pretends to be a dancing lion that tries to make a louder roar. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a cat (Tim) who has the whole day for himself because his owner (Charli) goes out, so he decides to spend the time sleeping but his cat friend (Kellie) arrives to be with him.
38 Family fun Holiday (holidays) May 28, 2003
NATHAN checks his holiday photo album. CHARLI jumps over the skipping rope. KELLIE makes a peg family and then she pretends to be a peg person along with Chats. CHARLI hangs clothes on a clothes horse. TIM and his Hi-5 family find musical instruments in the beach. CHARLI rubs some sunscreen on her body. KATHLEEN packs camping stuff for her family holidays. CHARLI rolls up her swag. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a rock family (Kellie the grandma, and Nathan, Charli and Kathleen her grandchildren) that has the first holiday together.
39 Get fit Holiday (holidays) May 29, 2003
KATHLEEN visits London and Jup Jup hides inside her backpack. CHARLI pretends to ride a bike in Paris. Chats blows a whistle to indicate KELLIE which exercise to do. CHARLI jogs and runs. TIM celebrates fitness day along with a chicken (Kellie), a horse (Kathleen) and an elephant (Nathan). CHARLI dances because dancing is exercise. NATHAN does the exercises that the cards tell him. CHARLI lifts cans to build up her muscles. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a doctor (Tim) who attends a leaping patient (Nathan), a wobbling patient (Kathleen) and a hopping and croaking patient (Kellie).
40 Travelling Holiday (holidays) May 30, 2003
NATHAN travels around the Australian rainforest and desert. CHARLI pretends to drive a car. TIM brought a gamelan from Bali and he tells us everythings about that place. CHARLI dances like a Balinese person. KATHLEEN sails a boat but she forgot her lunch. CHARLI has a sailor life. KELLIE and Chats meet animals from the North Pole. CHARLI dresses up with warm clothes. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who gets bored on a rainy day, so his friend (Nathan) takes her to topsy-turvy land (Tim's place) and bouncy land (Charli's place).
41 Curiosity Underwater Discovery (discovery) June 2, 2003
NATHAN finds the best way to balancing. CHARLI practices her balancing. KELLIE and Chats turn on a yellow torch to explore a cave. CHARLI pretends to mine for gold. TIM and the Hi-5 band look for a different ringtone. CHARLI calls Kathleen on her mobile. KATHLEEN measures her plants. CHARLI flies like a ladybird and an eagle. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about Planet Fuffle, where a spaceship lands and two astronauts (Charli and Tim) get out, they meet two funny creatures (Kathleen and Kellie).
42 Mysteries Underwater Discovery (discovery) June 3, 2003
NATHAN plays with different sort of sponges. CHARLI pretends to be a sponge. KATHLEEN's jelly beans are disappearing, so she finds a thumbprint on the jelly bean jar and investigates the mystery. CHARLI searches for something important. TIM teaches some ants (Charli, Nathan and Kellie) the lyrics of It's A Party song. CHARLI pretends to be a giant. KELLIE gets a package that sounds cheep cheep and she tries to guess what's inside it. Kellie gave CHARLI two boxes and she guesses what's inside them. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a royal family (Kathleen and Charli the princesses and Kellie the queen), Kathleen and Kellie love singing loudly but Charli doesn't, and once a dragon (Nathan) arrives to the castle and gets a headache because of loud singing.
43 Other worlds Underwater Discovery (discovery) June 4, 2003
KATHLEEN makes pictures of star shapes. CHARLI does stary stretches. KELLIE and Chats pretend to visit Planet Opposite. CHARLI finds different words to say that something is big or small. TIM skydives while he hears the sound of the wind. CHARLI and Kellie play with a sheet. NATHAN makes his own universe. CHARLI makes a little spaceship. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a school at the bottom of the sea, Mrs. Eel (Kellie) sends her students (Tim the octopus, Nathan the anglerfish and Kathleen the seahorse) to find something special to bring back to class.
44 Fantasy Underwater Discovery (discovery) June 5, 2003
KELLIE explores a magic forest. CHARLI understands the body language. NATHAN and Tim try to keep the balloons up in the air. CHARLI tries to keep a balloon off the ground without using the hands. TIM discovers the canned music. CHARLI sings about a jillaroo. KATHLEEN makes magnetic kites. CHARLI makes a kite while she hums. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about two polar bears (Tim and Kellie) that travel by iceberg until they arrive to a tropical island, where they meet Nathan and Charli.
45 Experiments Underwater Discovery (discovery) June 6, 2003
KELLIE does plane flying testing while Chats is in charge of control tower. CHARLI makes paper airplanes. NATHAN finds the Hi-5 band's height and weight. CHARLI tries to be the tallest person. Scientist TIM makes a mixture that turns your voice into your favourite instrument. CHARLI finds different ways to clap. KATHLEEN makes juices for everyone but Jup Jup drinks them. CHARLI shows her groove. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a boy (Nathan) who makes a mixture and he becomes blue and so his brother (Tim) and sister (Charli), but their mother (Kathleen) calls them for dinner time and they don't know how to return to being themselves.

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  • It was in this series that Hi-5 began to have more props, including costumes.
  • This is the first series to not include a filler song.
  • Three of the songs of the week are remakes from Series 1: L.O.V.E., Dream On and Ready Or Not.