Hi-5 perfil chats
Segment: Word Play & The Chatterbox
Years: 1999-present
Series: All
Episodes: 895
First episode: Physical
Last episode: -
Chatterbox or Chats is a puppet that helps Kellie, Casey, LaurenTanika or Courtney in the Word Play Segment. She is also friends with Jenn Korbee from USA version, Emma Nowell from UK version and Aira Biñas from Philippine version. Charlafina is the name given to Chatterbox in Hi-5 Fiesta.

Creature and boxEdit

They have never said what kind of creature is Chatterbox, but in Let's Celebrate! video, we can see a long-bodied Chatterbox, like a worm. She lives in a box, that is full of stuff. Kellie Crawford is able to get inside in Hi-5 Series 8, Episode 18 ("Being me" skills) and in Hi-5 Series 9, Episode 28 (Adventure). Casey Burgess visits Chats' place too in Hi-5 Series 13, Episode 18 (Fantastic buildings). The way to get in and out her box is to stretch arms out wide, cross the fingers and turn around.

Voiced byEdit

Chatterbox in songs of the weekEdit

Going Out

Chatterbox was inside a sand castle.

Our World

Chatterbox and Kellie cuddle up together.

Action Hero

Chatterbox was near in a forest.